Yana fell in love with pole as an art of fitness back in 2007 upon taking her first class. She was amazed at the strength she was able to develop and how much it helped empower her and get her out of her shy shell. She has been teaching all levels of pole and fitness classes at various Aradia fitness locations since 2008 and became the proud owner of Aradia Fitness Vaughan in 2015.



Lisa’s curiosity for pole dance and fitness began in February 2013 and it was love at first spin.  She became an instructor in March 2014, teaching various levels as well as pole choreography.  Pole dancing has become one of her many passions as it has taught her to challenge her limits, to express her mind, body and soul, and to show others the strength and beauty of this art.



Diana’s love for pole began several years ago, after she tried her first pole teaser class. Since then, it has been impossible for her to stay off the poles as she loves learning and trying new pole moves.
Prior to starting pole dancing, Diana did not have any background in dance or gymnastics. But through Aradia Fitness, she has gained tremendous strength, flexibility and an extremely supportive pole family. In addition to pole, Diana also enjoys hot yoga and swimming.
Diana has been an instructor for Aradia Fitness for 2 years. She loves supporting and encouraging new students to develop strength and confidence through pole dance and fitness!



Tonia has been pole dancing for over five years and describes it as her passion in life. It combines all the elements of getting fit, it builds strength and flexibility, and is the perfect outlet for women to get in touch with, and express their sensuality. Tonia has been teaching pole fitness for over two years and enjoys challenging her students and watching them get stronger, more confident and achieving moves they never thought possible.



Hailey started pole after seeing an Aradia Fitness booth at a trade show. She fell in love immediately upon taking her first class. She loves the sense of community, the supportive and positive environment, and the valuable friendships she has built. Not to mention all the fun pole has brought to her life!
Hailey has been an instructor now for 2 years and loves helping her students build strength, and gain confidence, as they work towards their personal fitness goals.




Lori’s love of pole started back in the Fall of 2011 and has since never looked back! Aradia Fitness has not only provided for her a place to learn, and explore the world of pole, but it has also given her a sense of community; a pole family who she will be forever proud to call her life long friends! It is undoubtedly the most encouraging and supportive environment wherein she experiences increased self esteem and a sense of belonging.